French has always have proved to have an edge in design, architecture and luxury. This reflects in every product that is designed by French and have captivated the taste of millions across the globe. These extravagant products includes shoes and Christian Louboutin is the best among them. The cult following of Christian Louboutin has grown wide and now it is global brand name synonymous with luxurious wear. The transformation brought by using a Christian Louboutin product in the demeanor of the one wearing it stays with them forever and there will be no choice for them henceforth. The silky smooth touch in design and the proper manner of these shoes fitting one’s foot for eternity makes it a remarkable one worldwide.

Whether it is vintage collection or cutting edge technologies, Christian Louboutin infuses them both to resolve the modus operandi of making one feel richer and special by wearing one of his product. Fashion, is a knack of feel and touch, which is gifted by nature to a selected few and Christian Louboutin is one among them without doubt. Stilettos were brought back to action with a bang by Christian Louboutin and he has taken it to the next level by shear design patterns and exotic finish. Sole motto of making a woman feel sexy, beautiful and powerful, Christian Louboutin made the heels of these stilettos as long as he can with jewelry decorations to adorn a wonderful evening.

As it happens most of the time with any major inventions in fashion, the first soul stirring product form Christian Louboutin was a accident as he was not feeling the same energy when a product was finished with his design sketch in paper. He added additional color to it from a nail polish and made it to match his energy level that he felt when he sketched. This opened a wide door of exotic designs and shoes with ultimate color combinations. This spontaneous feeling that he has in his designs are above competition making them unique and praiseworthy at all times.